Quick Guide To Epilepsy Helmets in 2020

Everything you need to know about epilepsy helmets.

Epilepsy, The Facts

Epilepsy effects 65 million people around the world at any given time. The cause of this diagnosis is unknown in over 50% of cases resulting in 1 in every 3 patients being unable to control their seizures with medication.

With the alarming rate of patients unable to control their seizures, it is vital that those who are susceptible to falls should wear an epilepsy helmet to prevent injuries to the brain.

But what is an epilepsy helmet? How often should you be wearing one? And how to choose the right for you?

Below, you'll find all the answers to these questions.

What is an Epilepsy Helmet?

An epilepsy helmet is another term for a medical helmet / protective helmet. It is a helmet that is designed to be worn daily for around the clock care of the brain. As seizures can happen anywhere, anytime, these specially designed helmets are durable, lightweight and comfortable so it can be worn for long periods of time.

Most epilepsy helmets provide 360 protection as a seizure can cause a person to fall from any angle. These helmets are not only used for patients with seizures, but also other neurological conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease.

How Often Should You Wear an Epilepsy Helmet?

The patient should consider how often they are falling and how they are falling to determine how frequently a helmet is needed to be worn. As an example, if person A is falling once a month and they feel symptoms hours or a day before, then this person may only want to wear their helmet during the run up to a seizure, however if person B has seizures that are far more unpredictable, they may need to consider wearing their helmet every day.


Iggy soft beanie helmet hat

What is the Best Epilepsy Helmet?

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