What We Do?

Ribcap was formed over 10 years ago to provide protective headgear that works to combat various neurological conditions - without compromising your personal style. It’s no secret that head injuries can be devastating. In fact, studies show that around half of the world’s population will sustain at least one head injury in their lifetime

Why We Do It?

Whether you have a condition like epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, or Parkinson’s disease, or simply want to enhance your quality of life, Ribcap was designed for everyone - including active children, young adults, and seniors facing all sorts of life challenges!


We care about the future!

Adaptive clothing is changing the world, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. In the future, we hope to add additional products to our growing range, including hip, knee, and full body protection.

Let's create a beautiful independence together