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Intended use of a Ribcap | Soft protective helmet

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Whether you have a disorder like epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, or Parkinson’s disease, or simply want to enhance your quality of life, Ribcap was designed for everyone - including active children, young adults, and seniors facing all sorts of life challenges!

Adaptive clothing is changing the world, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. In the future, we hope to add additional products to our growing range, including hip, knee, and full body protection.

With Ribcap, you’ll enjoy reassurance and peace of mind during daily life. Will you join us as we make the world a better place - one Ribcap at a time? Let’s change the globe’s perception of disability - together.

RIBCAP® head protector models serve to protect from head injuries caused by uncontrolled falls or sequences of movements, they cover fall hazards with minor or medium potential for injury through the protective effect of the shock-absorbing foam padding.The top of the head is almost completely enclosed by pads. The head protector comes in different sizes in a range from 47cm to 65cm. (18.5” to 25.6”).

Note: RIBCAP® is not certified as a sports or riding helmet (such as skiing, skating, cycling, ... etc.).


We make protective head gear fashionable. Our modern designs fit with any lifestyle and provide 360 degree protection without being bulky or stigmatizing, and since we’re being modest: it’s a great addition to any look.

Simply put, we want to prevent head injuries. There are thousands of reasons why headgear is important for everyone everyday!

CE | Safety Guidelines

  • CE
  • Safety and wearing guidelines


  • 93/42/EEC for Class I medical use - (EU) 2017/745
  • PPE1, Directive 89/686/EEC: for minimal-risk lifestyle activities - (EU)2016/425

RIBCAP® head protectors have an adjustable chinstrap and side-releasing safety buckle. Except: Bieber series (Non-exhaustive list) .Adjust the straps to ensure a good fit of the head protector, but not too tight.Please ensure both straps are firmly locked! Make sure the wearer understands how the buckle works before using.The RIBCAP® head protector may only be used for the indications listed and must not be used for any other purposes (for example as a helmet in general, or for a helmet used for bike riding, horseback riding and other sports)! Ensure the head protector is always handy, so that it can be put on quickly and properly! The label inside the RIBCAP® must be at the back when placed on the head.When the product is not being used, store it in normal indoor conditions. When disposing of the packaging and the product, comply strictly with the legal norms of your community

Cleaning and care of the Ribcap soft helmet

RIBCAP® head protectors may be cleaned using mild soap and a damp cloth or sponge. Strong solvents may contain substances that can damage the head protector and thereby impair its protective effect. The head protector may be hand washed at a temperature of 30°C. Do not expose the head protector to high temperatures! Washing instructions are on the labels inside the RIBCAP®. To dry the RIBCAP®, leave it to dry at room temperature. Do not hang up or iron and do not expose to direct heat sources such as stoves, heaters, radiators, direct sunlight, etc.

Head Protection With Style


A registered medical device trusted by many neuro associations and tested by BSI notified body.

Ribcap is a registered medical device

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